Gizem Donmez Awarded 2012 New Scholar Award

People have a tendency to fear the aging process. While young children are often in a hurry to grow up and be recognized as adults, many adults wish to slow the aging process and delay the inevitable. Now, thanks to science, the aging process is becoming less of a mystery and a clearer understanding has been brought to the aging process. Gizem Donmez is one of the many scientists looking at the aging process.

Gizem Donmez’s focus on aging is narrowed to the brain. Her role as a doctor at the Department of Neuroscience at Tufts University School of Medicine is studying the affect molecules have on the aging brain. She specifically looks at the role sirtuins play in relation to neurodegenerative diseases and other age-related conditions of the brain. While Gizem Donmez only joined the university’s department of neuroscience in 2011, she has already published several articles, and was honored for her work in 2012.

It was in 2012 that Gizem Donmez was awarded the New Scholar Award in Aging. The award was given to Gizem Donmez by the Ellison Medical Foundation, which is a nonprofit corporation. Gizem Donmez received the award for her work, “Investigating the Heat Shock Response in Aging Mammalian Brain.” As a nonprofit corporation, the Ellison Medical Foundation supports research on aging to understand lifespan development and age-related diseases and disabilities.

As a researcher, Gizem Donmez’s research is directly linked to the goals of the Ellison Medical Foundation. Gizem Donmez hopes her research into sirtuins and the role they play in neurodegenerative diseases will lead to development of treatments for age-related degenerative diseases of the brain. Gizem Donmez had only been conducting research at Tufts University for about a year at the time she received the award. Gizem Donmez was honored with the new scholar award and looks forward to many more years researching and understanding neurodegenerative diseases.

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