Three Social Media Tips

Gizem Donmez is quite active in the world of social media. She currently uses Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and has plans to expand to other platforms in the future. Gizem Donmez has experience using social media for both personal and career use, and she sees tremendous usefulness in each. Below are some tips and tricks that should be followed when using social media.

(1) Know your privacy status.

Some people want their social media profiles to be private, and others do not. Plenty of people think their profiles are private, but would be surprised to learn they are not that private at all. You should be aware of what is available to people, and what is not.

(2) Take time to learn.

Social Media sites have come a long way since their inception. Many people don’t even know half the features their favorite social media site provides. Everyone should take the quick tutorials that most sites offer, as they are a free and easy way to learn about all the incredible options available to you.

(3) Sell your brand.

If you are in a career field where you need to sell yourself as a commodity, use social media to do so. Employers use social media sites, especially Facebook and LinkedIn, to both eliminate and find future employees.

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