Gizem Donmez an Expert at Interviews

Whether it’s for enrollment in a prestigious academic program, or for a full time job, Gizem Donmez knows all about interviews. Many people see interviews as scary, intimidating, or daunting. Interviews are a way for schools or companies to gauge what kind of person you really are. Paper applications and resumes only tell so much, but face-to-face interaction can paint a more detailed picture of a person. If you don’t have anything to hide, interviews are an exciting chance to showcase yourself. The more interviews you are a part of, the better people skills you will acquire.

In order to have a successful interview, makes sure you have everything in line. Always dress nicely, and comes prepared. Preparation means knowing a little bit about the company or person interviewing you, having questions to ask, and knowing what they are going to ask you.

Interviews do not have to be scary. Take the title of ‘interview’ off. Sweating the interview should become a thing of the past.

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