Gizem Donmez Successfully Balances Work and Play

It is important to know the fine line between work and play. As a student of higher education for over a decade, and now a researcher and professor, Gizem Donmez knows that you have to find time to have fun. A life of continuous work leaves no time for yourself, something that can be dangerous in the long run. Striking the delicate balance between work and play in everyday life is as important as breathing.

Finding that fine line can be difficult but necessary. Many people see leisure time as taking away from productivity at work, but people like Gizem Donmez believe it actually has the opposite effect. By taking your mind off of your work for a period of time, you are actually preparing yourself to be more productive in the future.

Gizem Donmez has two post-graduate degrees, including a PhD, and spent five years as a postdoctoral fellow at MIT. She is a highly successful professional who understands what it takes to be productive. Individuals like her limit their consecutive work time to two hour blocks. At the end of two hours, approximately, they take a 5-10 minute break where they focus on something they enjoy.

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